Why choose Hosttechno?

Hosttechno offers a vast range of IT services for businesses and technophiles in particular. From web hosting to virtual data centers, dedicated servers and storage solutions, all our services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features.

We have pioneered the concept of a Globally distributed Datacenter. Our Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

Salient features of our Datacenter

  • Integrates hundreds of distributed servers seamlessly
  • Provides high-availability, redundancy and unmatched reliability

Our own worldwide network

  • 3 Tbps bandwidth
  • Our fibre optics deployed globally
  • Ultra-high security network
  • Guaranteed bandwidth
  • Optimum response time guaranteed for increased load
  • Guaranteed stability and continuity of service
  • Our own backbone, designed and managed by our teams
  • Optimisation of content delivery
  • Reduced latency time

Our international outreach is partly due to our optic fiber infrastructure that we have developed all over the world. Our network allows us to deliver a spotless quality of service to our customers, wherever they may be. The routing of our hosted content to the final user is optimized, the latency being reduced. This ultrasecured network, with a guaranteed bandwidth is a unique feature on today’s hosting market.

High Volume Server Production

  • Secure and high availability hosting on an industrial level
  • Scalability for your server farm guaranteed in just a few clicks
  • Redundancy ensured for every server, storage space and network path
  • Location and traceability of your data guaranteed
  • Compliance with the laws of the country your servers are hosted in

We are in charge of the whole process of Internet hosting, from the assembly of our own servers, to the production and the maintenance of our data centers. We can therefore guarantee high quality services and hosting solutions that are both flexible and reliable, at competitive prices.

A Transparent Customer Relation

Online service status updates in real time:

  • Data center monitoring
  • Network status chart
  • Public incident declaration
customer relations

In a continually evolving field, reactivity and questioning are key words. Always at the cutting-edge of technological innovation, we are constantly facing new challenges presented to us by our clients, with whom we keep a direct and continuous relationship. Thanks to the precious feedback from our users, we develop products and services that meet their expectations.


Awesome hosting services i like it. Before that i host my site on DO but this company not provide Anti DDoS so i move my 3 site to hosttechno VPS Cloud because hosttechno provide Anti DDoS and Pro Anti DDoS and my site also run very smoothly.

Saqib Hussnain CEO & UplinkSports - SportsGearMart - MyTeeMart www.uplinksports.com.com - www.sportsgearmart.com - www.myteemart.com

i was host my site in a big company but site was run very slow i find hosttechno through reference from a company then i move my site at hosttechno really after my site run very fast now i am very happy.

Agha Asad CEO & All Mart Restaurant Supply allmartrestaurantsupply.net

i host my site mywears.se at hosttechno from 1 year i am really very happy because i never face any issue in hosting from 1 year.

M.Gulzar CEO of mywears.se www.mywears.se

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